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The STAND TALL program can be divided into the following categories:

The Student’s Role:

STAND TALL is available at no cost to every student in the school.

To join, a student only needs to approach the STAND TALL advisor or any SAP team member to obtain the necessary consent forms or download and print them here. Once students sign up for STAND TALL, they are in the program until they graduate.

Students must understand that the strength of STAND TALL is the willingness of each member to uphold to his or her commitment to abstain from alcohol and drugs.

Participating in after school activities/meetings is optional, although encouraged.

The School’s Role:

All members of the school community are made aware of STAND TALL. Districts provide the foundation for supporting STAND TALL and take a long-range approach to sustaining the program.

If a student tests positive, NO DISCIPLINE is administered and each school follows their unique school procedure to assist that child in a positive intervention process.

STAND TALL is built into a school’s club offerings, and members meet either during club/advisory periods or after school. Educational opportunities through drug awareness programs are also available throughout the school year.

STAND TALL members are provided with specially designed t-shirts to symbolize their commitment to the program and to wear during club activities. Members are invited to after-school activities including swim parties, roller-skating, bowling, etc. to reinforce their commitment.

The Parent’s Role:

Parents get involved with STAND TALL by co-signing the parental consent form. This shows positive parental support because the parent is immediately aware of the program and their child’s desire to belong. Parents are asked to encourage their children to maintain their commitment to a drug and alcohol free life style.

The Screening Agency’s Role:

The Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) provides personnel to monitor and administer voluntary, random screenings through a five panel oral swab test. Students are assigned individual identification numbers which are used for the referral process. Student information remains confidential throughout this entire screening process.

The Community’s Role:

The Butler community recognized a need for a STAND TALL program for its youth, and has expressed commitment to the program’s implementation and continued success. To that end, business and community leaders have generously donated products, services, and financial support to the STAND TALL leaders of today and tomorrow.